Phone calls


Many routine questions can be addressed on our website. Our nurse provides answers to many routine questions and helps with refills. {Many refills can now be done through the pharmacy messaging to our office computer}. You can reach our nurse from 9-12 and 1-5 weekdays. If your concern needs to be addresses by a doctor, you will receive a call from 12-1 or after 5 pm. If it is an emergency the doctor will be pulled out of a room to direct you with your matter.

If your child is ill it is best to call the office in the morning so your child can be seen during office hours. When in doubt weather your child needs to be seen it is wiser to be seen. It is not safe to make a diagnosis over the phone. Sometimes we see something that might be missed by the person giving the information so as to hinder proper care.

For non-emergent problems if the nurse is unable to help you the doctor will return calls as discussed above.

All children that need to be seen need their own appointment, so please do not add an additional child when you arrive at the office. This will prevent undue waiting by other patients as well as for your children. If an illness related appointment can not be kept please call to inform us of the cancelation. Check-up appointments that are missed or not cancelled with a 24 hour notice will be charged a $10 cancellation fee.

Your phone call will be the most productive if you do the following:

-Write out your questions, be brief and to the point

-Have a pencil and paper ready to write any instructions given to you.

-Have you pharmacy phone number available.

-Request prescription refills only during regular office hours.