Welcome to our Practice


Welcome to our Practice!

Congratulations on the birth of your child. You are now embarking into the most wonderful and fulfilling experiences of your life. We look forward to working together with you to provide your child’s pediatric care.

As we start guiding you into our office practices, we ask that you follow a few simple steps to make your experience as smooth as possible:

1.- You must call your employer’s benefits department and/or your insurance carrier and notify them of the birth of your child. Children do not automatically get added to your policy. It is your responsibility to do this. Any delay will lead to rejected insurance claims and unexpected medical bills. The ultimate responsibility for payment of services rests with you. You should closely review your insurance policy to understand your benefits and responsibilities.

2.- Once you obtain your insurance card, always bring it to each visit.

3.- If your insurance changes, notify our office immediately.

4.-Co-payment is expected at the time of service. Please be prepared to pay for this by cash, check of VISA/MasterCard.

5.-Please read and sign the Privacy Notice.

6.-Please print and complete the following 4 forms and bring them to our office at your first visit:

Please read our immunization policy

Breast Milk Storage Guidelines

Breast Milk Storage Guidelines


Breast Milk

Freshly Expressed Breast Milk



Room Temperature

(66°F – 72°F) or (19°C – 22°C)

1 Hour

Do not Store


Refrigerator (32°F - 39°F) or

(0°C - 4°C)

No Longer than 96 hours or 4 days

24 hours

Refrigerator Freezer – Freeze

refrigerated milk within 24 hours



2 to 4 weeks if the compartment

is in the refrigerator or

1 month if it has a separate door

Never Refreeze Thawed Milk



Deep Freezer(0°F or -19°C) Freeze

refrigerated milk within 24 hours

3 to 6 months

Never Refreeze Thawed Milk


Feeding Resources

WIC: Oakland County 248-858-1272 Macomb County 586-469-5471

La Leche League International: 1-800-LALECHE